Karnataka 10th Standard Social Science Teachers Guide

Karnataka SSLC Social Science Teachers Guide

Teacher guide Kannada Version

Business Studies
1 bank transactions
2 insurance
3 entrepreneurship
4 globalization of business

1 development
2 economy and government
3 rural development
4 public finance and budget

1 india - our mother land -2. physical features of india
3 indian monsoon seasons and their features
4 soils of india
5 forests of india
6 water resource
7 land use and agriculture
8 mineral and power resources
9 transport system of india
10 major industries of india
11 communication
12 natural disasters
13 population of india

1 the advent of europeans to india
2 kannada - speaking areas during the colonial rule
3 folk history
4 the foundation of british administration and its effects
5 social and religious reforms
6 the first war of indian independence 1857 a.d.
7 effects of british rule in india
8 the freedom struggle
9 india after independence
10 the political dimensions of the 20th century

Political Science
1 problems of india and remedies
2 foreign policy of india
3 indias relationship with other countries
4 world problems and indias role
5 world organizations

1 social stratification-2.work and economic life
3 collective behavior and protests
4 social problems

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