Karnataka CET Study Materials


Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers - Download
Co-Ordination Compounds- - Download
P Block Elements - Download
Electro Download
Halo Alkanes (Part-1)- Download
Chemical Kinectics- - Download
Halo Alkanes (Part-2) - Download
Solutions - Download
Chemical Equilibrium - Download
Solids & Surface Chemistry - Download
Metallurgy - Download
Redox Reactions + Chemical Bonding - Download
Amines & Polymers - Download
Basic Concepts In& Organic Chemistry  - Download
D & F Block Elements - Download

Electrostatics- - Download
Mechanics (Part-1) - Download
Mechanics(Part 2) - Download
Electro Magnetic Induction - Download
Capacitors - Download
Transfer of heat, Properties of heat,Thermodynamics - Download
Moving Charges & Magnetism - Download
Gravitation - Download
Ray Optics - Download
Current Electricity - Download
Atoms and Molecules - Download
Alternative Currents - Download

Cell-The Unit Of Life, Biomolecules & Cell Cycle & Cell Division - Download
Digestion & Absorption, Breathing & Exchange of Gases, Locomotion & Movement, Neural Coordination & Integration- Download
Principal & Inheritence - Download
Diversity of Living Beings - Download
1) Biodiversity & Conservation 2) Environmental Issues - Download
Organisms & Population, Ecosystem - Download
Transpotation in Plants - Download
Photosynthesis - Download
Body Fluids & Circulation - Download
Morphology Of Flowering Plants, Anatomy Of Flowering Plants - Download
Excretory & Chemical Cordination - Download
Evolution, Human Health & Disease - Download

Differential Calculus- Download
Matrices & Determinants - Download
Differential Calculus (PART 2)- Download
Maths - 3D Geometry - Download
1) Permutation & Combination 2) Prability(PART 1) - Download
Differential Calculas(Part 3) - Download
Complex Number & Integration - Download
Integration Full - Download
Differential Equation - Download
Probability - Download
Trignometry - Download
Application of Derivatives-1 - Download
Application of Derivatives-2 - Download


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