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Full Name: CH.Ramakrishna
Date of Birth : 1991
Gender : Male
Educational Qualification: Msc , B.Ed
Occupation : Lecturer
Phone Number : +917204892075
Email ID :
Working Address :
Pragathi PU College
Opposite Whitefield Railway Station
Bangalore 560067
Residential Address :
Opposite FCI
Bengaluru 560067
His Words:  I am working as a Mathematics lecturer at Pragathi PU College. I have been teaching from 2012. I did my M.Sc in Mathematics and took up teaching after my education. I like to develop tools & learning material in my free time. I want to make students understand the concepts easily through technology. I feel they can understand better and remember longer when they see practically or through animations, videos etc. So I try to include as much of these in my teaching.

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2nd PUC Maths Chapter wise question and solutions

2nd PUC maths MCQ's

2nd PUC Materials

1st puc materials

  Question paper solutions

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