how to file a complaint on the CEIR portal for lost or stolen smartphones


There is now an official government portal that may assist you in blocking the use of the missing smartphone or mobile phone so you can feel more at ease. the CEIR site, or Central Equipment Identity Register.

As soon as a mobile device is stolen, lost, or snatched, the public should report it by using the nearest KSP (e-lost) application. The general population is urged to utilize the CEIR facility well.

How to use the CEIR portal to block your stolen or lost cell phone

You can now ban your lost or stolen mobile phone using the CEIR portal in 3 easy steps. This will make it easier for us to find and get the device.

Here are the procedures to take if you live in Karnataka to report a lost or stolen mobile device:

Access the page at

Obtain the FIR's digital acknowledgment.

Obtain a second SIM card from your service provider.

visit CEIR's website 

or use below steps 

Application for complaint of lost items - Mobile/Document

Step 1: Go to website and click on Departments & Services

Step 2: Click on Karnataka State Police and select Application for complaint of lost items -
Mobile/Document. Alternatively, you can search for Application for complaint of lost items -
Mobile/Document in the search option

Step 3 : Click on Apply online.

Step 4: Enter the username, password/OTP, captcha and click on Log In button

Step 5 : Fill the Applicant Details

Step 6: Verify the details. If details are correct, select the checkbox (“I Agree”) & Submit

Step 7: A fully filled form will be generated for user verification

Step 8 : Click on Attach Annexures

Step 9: Attach the annexures and click on Save Annexures

Step 10 : Saved annexures will be displayed and click on eSign and Submit to proceed

Step 11 : Click on I agree with above user consent and eSign terms and conditions and Select
authentication type to continue

Step 12 : Enter Aadhaar Number and click on get OTP

Step 13 : Enter OTP and click on Submit

Step 14 : After submit, acknowledgement will be generated. Acknowledgement consists of
applicant details, application details

Step 15 : To download the certificate, go to the and click on
Registered Users Login Here

Step 16 : Once the login page is open, enter your username, password/OTP, captcha and click
on Submit.

Step 17 : Click on View Status of Application --> Track application status. Enter Application
Reference Number (you can refer to Acknowledgment/SMS to get Application Reference
Number) and click on Get Data

Step 18 : Check Current Status of the application. If it is delivered, Click on Delivered

Step 19 : Under Issue Document(s), click on Output Certificate

Step 20 : Application for complaint of lost items - Mobile/Document’s Output Certificate will
be downloaded. You can print the certificate if required

Click Here to Download pdf file

How to Apply e - Lost Report Online in Karnataka

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