Karnataka State 8th Standard All Subjects Activities

8th Standard Activities 2020-21


Social Science

8th Standard activities 2019-20
8th std kannada activity book 2019-20 by ambadagatti.pdf

Year 2018-19
8th std 1st language kannada activity book 2018-19 tnm.pdf
8th std maths fa3 activity eng version 2018-19 harikrishna.pdf
8th std maths fa3 activity kan version 2018-19 harikrishna.pdf
➤8th std science activities and solutions kan version 2018-19 raghavendra.pdf
8th std science activities kan verison 2018-19.pdf
8th std hindi work book 2018-19.pdf
8th std science activities list kan version 2018-19 raghavendra badigar.pdf

1st Language Kannada Activities
2nd Language English Activities
3rd Language Hindi Activities
Mathematics Activities
8th std maths fa3 activities eng version 2017-18 harikrishana.pdf
8th std maths fa3 activities kan version 2017-18 harikrishna.pdf
8th std maths activity kan version 2017-18.pdf
8th std maths square root activity 2017-18.pdf
8th std maths triangle activity kan version 2017-18 harikrishan.pdf

Science Activities
8th std science-activities list kan version 2017-18 dindavara.pdf
Social Science Activites

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