Bangalore University Fourth Semester B.Com Exams Question Papers

Bangalore University Fourth Semester B.Com Exams Question Papers 

Question Papers 2015

Advanced Corporate Accounting
Coroporate Communication Part-B
Cost Accounting
E-Business and Accounting
English Language Part-A
Kannada Lang. Paper-IV
Language Hindi - IV
Stock and Commodity Markets

Question Papers 2014-15

IV Sem Advanced Corporate Accounting
IV Sem Business Accounting
IV Sem Business Communication (Repeaters Prior to 2012-13)
IV Sem Business Communication (Repeaters 2012-13 Only)
IV Sem Computer Business Application (Repeaters Prior to 2012-13)
IV Sem Corporate Accounting (Repeaters 2012-13 Only)
IV Sem Cost Accounting (2013-14 and Onwards)
IV Sem Cost Accounting (Repeaters Prior to 2012-13)
IV Sem English (2011-12 Onwards)
IV Sem Hindi (2010-11 Onwards)
IV Sem Indian Constitution
IV Sem Kannada (2012-13 and Onwards)
IV Sem Sanskrit (Repeaters 2007-08 and Onwards )

Question Papers 2010 to 2013

financial management
computer business application
Business Law
Business Communication Part-B
Corporate Accounting-II
Corporate Accounting II
Corporate Financial Policy
Cost Accounting
Indian Constitution
IV-sem B.Com Corporate Ac-II-(F)
IV-sem B.Com Corporate Acing-II
IV-Sem B.Com Cost-Accounting-(F)
IV-Sem B.Com Cost Accounting-(R)
IV-Sem BCom Financial-Mgt.
IV-Sem BCom Financial Mgt-Rep
Law & Practice-of-Banking
Language English Part-A
Language Sanskrit-IV
Language Sanskrit(Paper-IV)
Language Hindi-IV
Hindi Language-IV
Hindi Language-IV Hindi Natak and Nibandh
Business Communication (Part-B)

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