7th Std General Assessment Model Question papers

Bangalore University Fourth Semester B.Com Exams Question Papers

Bangalore University Fourth Semester B.Com Exams Question Papers 

Question Papers 2015

Advanced Corporate Accounting
Coroporate Communication Part-B
Cost Accounting
E-Business and Accounting
English Language Part-A
Kannada Lang. Paper-IV
Language Hindi - IV
Stock and Commodity Markets

Question Papers 2014-15

IV Sem Advanced Corporate Accounting
IV Sem Business Accounting
IV Sem Business Communication (Repeaters Prior to 2012-13)
IV Sem Business Communication (Repeaters 2012-13 Only)
IV Sem Computer Business Application (Repeaters Prior to 2012-13)
IV Sem Corporate Accounting (Repeaters 2012-13 Only)
IV Sem Cost Accounting (2013-14 and Onwards)
IV Sem Cost Accounting (Repeaters Prior to 2012-13)
IV Sem English (2011-12 Onwards)
IV Sem Hindi (2010-11 Onwards)
IV Sem Indian Constitution
IV Sem Kannada (2012-13 and Onwards)
IV Sem Sanskrit (Repeaters 2007-08 and Onwards )

Question Papers 2010 to 2013

financial management
computer business application
Business Law
Business Communication Part-B
Corporate Accounting-II
Corporate Accounting II
Corporate Financial Policy
Cost Accounting
Indian Constitution
IV-sem B.Com Corporate Ac-II-(F)
IV-sem B.Com Corporate Acing-II
IV-Sem B.Com Cost-Accounting-(F)
IV-Sem B.Com Cost Accounting-(R)
IV-Sem BCom Financial-Mgt.
IV-Sem BCom Financial Mgt-Rep
Law & Practice-of-Banking
Language English Part-A
Language Sanskrit-IV
Language Sanskrit(Paper-IV)
Language Hindi-IV
Hindi Language-IV
Hindi Language-IV Hindi Natak and Nibandh
Business Communication (Part-B)

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