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CBSE Year 2012 10th Standard Board Examination Question Papers and Marking Schemes

10th CBSE Question Papers of Board Examination-2012

Arabic SET1

Assamese SET1

BahasaMelayu SET1

Bengali SET1

Bhutla SET1

Bodo SET1

Commerce  SET1 SET2
English Communicative SET1  SET2 SET3
English Language and Literature SET1 SET2 SET3
Foundation of Information Tecnology SET1

French  SET1

German  SET1

Gujarati SET1

Hindi(Course A)  SET1 SET2 SET3
Hindi(Course B)  SET1  SET2 SET3
Home Science SET1

Japanese SET1

Kannada  SET1

Lepcha  SET1

Limboo  SET1

Malayalam  SET1

Manipuri  SET1

Marathi  SET1

Mathematics for Blind Candidates  SET1

Mizo SET1

Music Hindustani(Instrumental Melodic) SET1

Music Hindustani(Instrumental Percussion) SET1

Music Hindustani(Vocal) SET1

Music Karnataka(Instrumental Melodic) SET1

Music Karnataka(Instrumental Percussion) SET1

Music Karnataka(Vocal) SET1

Mathematics  SET1  SET2 SET3
Nepali  SET1

Odia  SET1

Painting SET1

Persian  SET1

Portuguese  SET1

Punjabi  SET1

Russian  SET1

Science  SET1 SET2 SET3
Social Science SET1 SET2 SET3
Spanish SET1

Science for Blind Candidates SET1

Sanskrit(Commu) SET1 SET2
Sindhi(  SET1 

Tamil  SET1

Telugu  SET1

Tibetan  SET1

Urdu(CourseA)  SET1

Urdu (Course B) SET1

10th CBSE Marking Scheme of Board Examination-2012

Sample Question Papers for Class IX and X for Term II (Second Term March-2012)
English Communicative (Class IX)
English Language and Literature (Class IX)
English Communicative (Class X) Exam specifications
English Communicative (Class X) Sample Paper
English Language and Literature (Class X)
Hindi A (Class X)
Hindi B (Class X)
Sanskrit (Class X)
Hindi A & B (Class IX)
Sanskrit (Class IX)
Social Science (Class X)
Social Science (Class IX)
Mathematics (Class X)
Mathematics (Class IX)
Science (Class X)
Science (Class IX)
Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy (Class X)
Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy(Class IX)
Elements of Business (Class IX)
Elements of Business (Class X)
Punjabi (Class IX)
German (Class IX)
Japanese (Class IX)
Russian (Class IX)
Spanish (Class IX)
Persian (Class IX)
French (Class IX)
Urdu Course A (Class IX)
Urdu Course B (Class IX)
Urdu Course B (Class X)
Arabic (Class X)
Carnatic Music (Class IX/X)
Hindustani Music (Class IX/X)
Painting (Class IX/X)
Bhutia (Class IX/X)
Kannada (Class IX/X)
Lepcha (Class IX/X)
Limboo (Class IX/X)
Malyalam (Class IX/X)
Nepali (Class IX/X)
Odia (Class IX/X)
Tamil (Class IX/X)
Telugu (Class IX/X)
Tibetan (Class IX/X)
Home Science (Class IX)
Home Science (Class X)
Foundation of IT (Class X)
Foundation of IT (Class IX)
e-Typewriting (Class IX)
Sindhi (Class IX & X)
Marathi (Class IX & X)
Gujarati (Class IX)
Gujarati (Class X)
Bengali (Class IX)
Bengali (Class X)

Sample Question Papers for Class IX and X for SA-I (First Term September-2012)
Tamil (Class IX)
Tamil (Class X)
Telugu (Class IX)
Telugu (Class X)

Model Answer by the Candidates of Secondary School/Sr.School Cetificate Exam-2012
2.Social Science
6.Eng.Lang & Litrature

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