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CBSE Year 2013 12th Standard Board Examination Question Papers and Marking Schemes

12th CBSE Question Papers of Board Examination-2013
Accountancy SET1
Accounting (Urdu Version) SET1
Advance food Preperation SET1
Agriculture SET1
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration SET1
Applied Physics SET1
Arabic SET1 
Auto Engineering SET1
Auto Shop Repair and Practice  SET1
Basic Design(Common to Textile Design Weaving) SET1 
Beauty Therapy SET1
Bengali SET1
Biology SET1
Biotechnology SET1
Business Data Processing  SET1
Business Process Outsourcing Skills  SET1
Business Studies  SET1
Business Studies(Urdu Version) SET1
Cash Management and Housekeeping  SET1
Chemistry  SET1
Cosmetic Chemistry SET1
Child Health Nursing SET1
Classification and Cataloguing Paper II SET1
Clinical Biochemistry Paper II SET1
Clothing Construction PaperIII SET1
Commercial Art History of Indian Art SET1
Commercial Art History of Indian Art(Urdu Version) SET1
Commmunity health nursing II SET1
Computer Science SET1
Dance Bharatnatyam SET1
Dance Odissi SET1
Dance Kathak SET1
DTP, CAD and Multimedia SET1
Dyeing and Printing SET1
Designing & Pattern Marking SET1
Economics SET1
Economics(Urdu Version) SET1
Electrical Machines Paper II  SET1 
Electrical Appliances Paper III SET1
Electronic Devices and Circuits-I SET1
Elements of Cost Accounting and Auditing SET1
Engineering Graphics SET1
Engineering Science Paper I SET1
English (Core) SET1
English (Elective) SET1
Entrepreneurship SET1
Establishment & Management of Food Service Unit SET1
Fashion Studies SET1
Financial Accounting Paper II SET1
Floriculture SET1
Food and Beverage Cost & Control SET1
Food Service II SET1
Food Production SET1
French SET1
Functional English SET1
Fundamentals of Nursing II SET1
Geography SET1
Geography(Urdu Version) SET1
Geospatial Technology II SET1
German SET1
Graphics Design SET1
Graphics SET1
Gujarati SET1
Hindi (Core) SET1
Hindi (Elective) SET1
History SET1
History(Urdu Version) SET1
Home Science SET1
Home Science(Urdu Version) SET1
India -The Tourist Destination SET1
Information Practices SET1
Introduction to Financial Markets-II SET1
IT Systems SET1
Japanese SET1
Kannada SET1
Lending Operations Paper II SET1
Laboratory Medicine Paper I SET1
Lepcha SET1
Library Administration and Management Paper I SET1
Limboo SET1
Malayalam SET1
Management of Bank Office Paper III SET1
Manipuri SET1
Marathi SET1
Marketing Paper I SET1
Massmedia SET1
Maternity & Child Health Nursing II SET1
Mathematics SET1
Meal Planning & Service SET1
Mechanical Engineering SET1
Microbiology SET1
Midwifery SET1
Mizo SET1
Multimedia and Web Technology SET1
Music Hindustani(Instrumental Melodic) SET1
Music Hindustani(Instrumental Percussion) SET1
Music Hindustani(Vocal) SET1
Music Karnataka Instrumental Percussion(Mridangam) SET1
Music Karnataka(Vocal) SET1
Nepali SET1
Odia SET1
Office Communication Paper III SET1
Office Procedure and Practices SET1
Ophthalmic Techniques (Vocational) Biology SET1
Painting (History of Indian Art) SET1
Painting (Urdu version) SET1
Persian SET1
Philosophy SET1
Physical Education SET1
Physics SET1
Political Science SET1
Post Harvest Technology & Preservation Paper III SET1
Primary Health Care and Health Centre management SET1
Psychology SET1
Punjabi SET1
Radio Engineering and Audio Systems Paper II SET1
Radiation Physics I SET1
Radiography II SET1
Reference Service Paper III SET1
Russian SET1
Sanskrit (Core) SET1
Sanskrit (Elective) SET1
Sculpture (History of indian art) SET1
Secretarial Practice and Accounting Paper II SET1
Shorthand (English) SET1
Shorthand (Hindi) SET1
Sindhi SET1
Sociology SET1
Spanish SET1
Store Accounting SET1
Tangkhul SET1
Tamil SET1
Television and Video Systems Paper III SET1
Telugu SET1
Textile Science Paper I SET1
Tibetan SET1
Typography & Computer Applications (English) SET1
Typography & Computer Applications (Hindi) SET1
Tourism Management And Manpower SET1
Transportation Systems And Management SET1
Traval Trade Management SET1
Understanding The Evolution And Forms of Mass Media SET1
Urdu (Core) SET1
Urdu (Elective) SET1
Vegetable Culture (Paper I) SET1
Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology SET1

12th CBSE Marking Scheme of Board Examination-2013
Accountancy (Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Biotechnology SET1

Business (Foreign) SET1-2-3

Chemistry (Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Chemistry (Outside Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Chemistry (AN) SET1  SET2 SET3
Chemistry (Foreign) SET1 SET2 SET3
Economics (Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Economics (Outside Delhi) SET1  SET2  SET3 
Economics (Foreign) SET1 SET2 SET3
Economics (AN) SET1 SET2 SET3
Engineering Graphics SET1

Engineering Graphics (Outside Delhi) SET1

Functional English (Delhi) SET1

Functional English (Outside Delhi) SET1

Hindi Core (Delhi) SET1-2-3

Hindi Core (Outside Delhi) SET1-2-3

Hindi Core (Foreign) SET1-2-3

Hindi Elective (Delhi) SET1-2-3

Hindi Elective (Outside Delhi) SET1-2-3

Home Science (Delhi) SET1

Home Science (Outside Delhi) SET1

History (Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
History (Outside Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Physics (Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Poltical Science (Delhi) SET1 SET2 SET3
Psychology (Delhi) SET1

Psychology (Outside Delhi) SET1

Sanskrit Core (Delhi) SET1

Sanskrit Core (Outside Delhi) SET1

Sanskrit Elective (Delhi) SET1

Sanskrit Elective (Outside Delhi) SET1

Sociology (Delhi) SET1

Sociology (Outside Delhi) SET1

Urdu Core (Delhi) SET1

Urdu Core (Outside Delhi) SET1

Urdu Elective (Delhi) SET1

Urdu Elective (Outside Delhi) SET1

Question Papers of Compartment Examinations 2013 (CLASS 12)
Accountancy SET1
Accountancy Urdu Version SET1
Biology SET1
Biology for Blind Candidate SET1
Biotechnology SET1
Business Studies  SET1
Business Studies Urdu Version  SET1
Chemistry for Blind Candidte  SET1
Chemistry  SET1
Computer Science SET1
Economics SET1
Economics Urdu Version SET1
English (Core) SET1
English (Elective) SET1
Functional English SET1
Geography SET1
Hindi (Core) SET1
Hindi (Elective) SET1
History SET1
Home Science SET1
IT System SET1
Mathematics SET1
Mathematics for Blind candidtes SET1
Physical Education SET1
Physics SET1
Philosophy SET1
Psychology SET1
Physics for Blind Candidate SET1
Political Science SET1
Sanskrit (Core) SET1
Sanskrit (Elective) SET1
Sociology SET1
Urdu (Elective) SET1

Model Answer by the Candidates of Secondary School/Sr. Secondary School Certificate Examination-2013
5.Business Study
10.Functional English


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